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Dynamis Fitness

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You bring the effort; we bring the strategy!

Dynamis Fitness is Open to the public.
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Dynamis Fitness is built to empower you. This class-based hybrid program combines the best proven strategies of personal training with the most experienced and enthusiastic coaches in an epic gym environment to give you the results you’ve been searching for–at any age!  

We believe a strategic combination of weightlifting, conditioning, and restoration is the foundation to fitness empowerment. We also believe effort without proper strategy is a recipe for frustration, fatigue, and accelerated aging. Dynamis Fitness was established to resolve that frustration. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to empower your body to become lean, strong, and energetic.

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You’ve Got Options

workout machines in weight room


Proven weightlifting programs to increase your strength while dropping body fat and defy aging. Science has proven this is the top priority of focus if your goal is to look lean and strong. 

treadmills and weight lifting machines


Ideal conditioning protocols to strengthen your heart, optimize your energy, and complement the strength classes for accelerated results without depleting you.

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