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Health + Spa

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          Revitalize Your Well-Being

Amid the fast-paced rhythm of daily routines, finding moments to relax, rejuvenate, and restore can seem like a distant dream. At Murrieta Hot Springs Resort, we offer a sanctuary of Vitality amidst the chaos—an oasis where you can escape and focus on revitalizing your body and mind.

Experience a transformative restorative journey with various treatments and massages that will replenish your spirit and revitalize your body, leaving you feeling renewed at The Spa at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. We offer curated massages, body treatments that amplify the effects of our mineral water, and facials for guests to enhance their natural beauty and experience a deep sense of relaxation. The treatments embrace the power of touch—strengthening your immune system, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and melting away stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

All treatments of 60+ minutes receive complimentary access to pools prior to (from 9 a.m.) and following (until 10 p.m.) their treatment.