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Health + Spa

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Revitalize Your Wellness

What does it mean to relax, recover, and restore your health? Amid the bustle and fast-paced rhythm of daily routines, Murrieta Hot Springs Resort is an oasis of tranquility, providing a complete escape for the body and mind to restore balance. Experience a renewed sense of well-being through science-backed experiences that utilize the therapeutic powers of geothermal mineral waters to stimulate your body's natural healing forces. From our tranquil resort grounds and amenities to our highly-curated activities and caring team of professionals, Murrieta Hot Springs Resort offers a robust framework of enhanced health and wellness.

Each person's journey to well-being is personal. We’ll be there to inspire you through yours every step of the way. You’ll find restoration through soaking in our waters, experiencing our treatments, participating in our activities, and taking in our natural surroundings. You’ll discover a connection with nature, yourself, and others. Immerse yourself in the calming atmosphere that is Murrieta Hot Springs Resort.

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Experience a transformative journey of restoration with various treatments and massages to restore, rejuvenate, and relieve at The Spa at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. We offer curated massages, body treatments that amplify the effects of our mineral water, and facials for guests to amplify their natural beauty and experience a deep sense of relaxation. The treatments embrace the power of touch—strengthening your immune system, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and melting away stress, anxiety, and fatigue.


Discover A New Path to Wellbeing

Guests of Murrieta Hot Springs Resort experience a variety of opportunities for improved well-being. Our activity programming encourages a deeper understanding of how to achieve personal balance and stimulate healing through mindful stillness, active movement, recovery, and beyond. With classes such as Aqua Yoga, Aqua Sound, Water Aerobics, Yoga, and Mindfulness classes, discover your own path at your own pace.

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Fitness Center & Gym

While you’re here, our goal is to provide you with the best fitness experiences possible. We are here to help energize your existing routine or help you create a new practice to take home with you. Regardless of your fitness level, our inclusive and supportive environment will meet you where you are on your journey. With over 30 HIIT and over 25 strength classes available to overnight guests, you can surpass your limits and achieve peak strength, endurance, and overall well-being. Led by trainers skilled in working with elite athletes, Navy SEALs, and celebrities, our progressive classes in strength and conditioning are tailored to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

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