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Rejuvenate in Timeless Tranquility

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For more than a century, guests have found relaxation and restoration in the hot springs of our calming oasis in Murrieta, California. Discover luxurious lodging for your rejuvenating escape.

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Hot Springs With a Story

In 1902, Fritz Guenther opened the first spa resort at Murrieta Springs. Ever since, guests have gathered in a sophisticated setting that seamlessly blends historic buildings with natural hot springs.

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We welcome you to find relaxation and recovery here, with every detail of our resort designed with your wellness in mind.

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Health & Spa Treatments

Curate your self care in a refined setting featuring hot springs pools, a Roman spa, bath area and more. Indulge in spa treatments, including massages and facials, in our world first-class and historic facilities.

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