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Dynamis Fitness is a first of its kind. We offer a safe and welcoming weightlifting class–components that are often missing in the class environment.  Science has proven muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the human body and is the fountain of youth.  If you want to look young and live a strong life you must lift weights. Dynamis Strength is the core of our fitness program, putting muscle first! This class is a progressive full-body lifting program that strategically supports muscle while burning body fat giving you a lean (not bulky) strong body that is a calorie-burning machine.  This class is built on a three-week progression protocol, allowing the body to consistently progress without ever reaching plateaus.  It is safe and effective for all levels of fitness.


Dynamis Sweat is a modified version of HIIT training built to support our Strength classes. Its main focus is to support improving cardiovascular health, along with aiding in recovery from Strength work. This full-body class uses treadmills, bikes, tanks, and functional strength movements to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance without leaving you depleted.

Overnight Resort Guests

Overnight resort guests receive access to Dynamis Fitness with your stay. Guests can also  purchase classes at a discounted rate.